our church prayer requests

Below you will find the prayer requests that others have submitted. Below that is the prayer form that you can fill out for your prayers.

Pray over each one of these. Visit here throughout the week.

Is there a need that you can take care of?


Dwight and Patti Thompson’s family - they are formed members of PNC


My brother Edward Pike was diagnosed with stage four cancer please put him on our prayer list.


My mom had a mastectomy about a month ago; incision is now infected, oncologist found 'spots' on liver and colon. Will do biopsy and PET scan, more labs within next 2 weeks. I am 900miles from her & complications make it very difficult to return to her. Her living situation is not a positive one. She's 79 this month. I would truly appreciate your prayers for her. Thanks


Mom in Texas having mastectomy. Going to help her; lots of complicating circumstances to cope with. Please pray for my brother's salvation (he lives with Mom) and for my patience, stamina, strong physical health, safety etc. Thank you so much! Glad you are my new church family.


A close family friends 2 year old son was shot and killed yesterday. Please pray for the family.

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