We believe that giving is a fundamental biblical principle.

However, we do not pressure anyone into giving financially. Everything we have has been given

to us by God. As Christians, our response is to give back to God for the ministry of His Kingdom.

Jesus talks about money in the Bible more than any other single subject.

This tells us that how we use our money matters.


We challenge you to pray earnestly about the best way for you and your family to give back to God,

and how to most appropriately use what you have to bless others.  


We want giving to be as easy as possible. We pass an offering plate every service,

but for many who pay all of their bills online already, giving electronically is much easier.

Through our online giving service you can give a one time offering or set

up a recurring payment schedule. Whatever is easiest for you.

Just click the donations link below to visit our online giving page.


  • We have switched to a new online giving service.

    you can continue to give online here

  • you can now text to give as well.

    Text 73256 with the keyword portnaz and the amount that you want to give.