Christmas Sunday is Dec. 19. 

We will have Life Groups at 9:00 AM

and our Worship Service at 10:00. 

We will have special music, Communion, 

and candle light service.

Candlelight portion of the service: 

We will end the service by lighting the Christ candle, which will in turn light all of our candles in the Worship Center. This represents the presence of Christ with us. We are the light of the earth and we cannot be hidden by the darkness.  

Lighting the Christ candle is not just for remembering that The Light has already come, but to await in hope, love, joy, and peace that the Christ will come again. 

We are to remember that through out the entire year we are to be the light that shines in the darkness to our families, friends, and even enemies so that they will know the Love of Christ. 

PNC Online Service

If you will be joining us online only, prepare your Communion elements (bread and juice) before the service starts. You are still a part of The Body of Christ even if you cannot make it here in person. 

Also, grab a candle or even a flashlight to shine during the candle lighting portion of the service. YOU are the light of the earth

Family Services

Our Kids will be staying in the Worship Center for this Sunday, Dec. 19, and next Sunday, Dec. 26. 

If you know that your child needs something to do with their hands during the service, bring them a coloring book or something to draw on. 

We know that our kids get fidgety during the service and we want all ages to be able to celebrate the birth of Christ together this year!