Core Value #1 Jesus is our Why

Jesus is the centerpiece of all we do. 

Jesus changes everything. Through our preaching, discipleship, and apprenticeship, 

we trust Jesus is the Only One who changes anyone because He loves everyone. 

Core Value #2 Up Close and Personal

Worship and prayer is all about getting up close and personal with God. 

In our regular commitment to worship personally and corporately, we trust

that our authenticity connects us to the heart of God.

Core Value #3 Big Hearts, Open Arms

We love one another genuinely. 

We extend care, compassion, and consideration to one another! But not just for us.

We have open arms to love anyone, no matter where you’ve come from!

Core Value #4 First Steps and Next Steps

We love people enough to meet them where they are but too much to leave them where we found them. 

We help people take first steps of faith and next steps of growth as together

we learn to love God, others, and ourselves.

Core Value #5 Go Out and Go Big

We believe that following Jesus calls us out and sends us into our community to share Jesus’ love. 

We seek big Kingdom impact in and around Portland. 

Through intentional daily actions, we know that Jesus shows up big.

Core Value #6 All-In

We have an “all-in” mentality, willing to sacrifice everything for the cause of Christ! 

If it’s hard, it’s worth it. If it’s uncomfortable, it’s worth it. If it takes extra time, it’s worth it. 

Nothing – short of sin –  gets in the way of our commitment to the Kingdom mission of Jesus.