Connect your spiritual gifts with a place of service!


  • All church gathering & funeral meal team

    Team Leader: Barbara Civils – 615-325-9552 This team of people works to organize and facilitate all of our church gatherings and Funeral Meals, from the organization of food to table/chair set up and everything between!

  • Building and grounds

    Team Leader: Dale Terry – 615-841-3074 This group helps maintain and care for our building and grounds.  

  • Care Team

    Team Leader: Sherri Poole –

    This group writes cards, makes phone calls and occasionally makes a home visit with first time guests, sick congregants and those who have been absent from church life as of late.

  • NazKids Department Volunteer

    Some Kid’s Ministry positions:   Nursery, Substitute Teacher,    Pre-School Volunteer, Teacher Children’s Church Volunteer, Caravan Guide. 

    We require our volunteers to complete a NazSafe background check & training. Please contact amanda@portlandnazarene. com

  • Creative team

    Contact info @

    This group helps dream, plan and implement creative aspects for our Worship Center and services.  From set design to special, creative moments in the worship service.

    Use of Spiritual Gift(s) include but not limited to those with gifts of Helps, Evangelism, Prophecy and/or Knowledge.

  • homebound / shut in ministry

    Team Leader: Donna Buntin – 615-325-2360

    This group is for anyone who would like to visit our homebound folks who can no longer attend our church services.

  • Hospitality team

    Team Leader: Kathy Taylor – This group helps welcome everyone on Sunday mornings and to special events, opening doors, providing information to visitors, making coffee, and passing our weekly bulletins.

  • Media & 

    Livestream Team

    Team Leader: Adrianna “Onnie” Holt - This team handles all things tech! Areas of service include live streaming, audio engineering, video presentation, video producing, and technology assistance throughout the campus.

  • Nazarene Mission International

    Nazarene Missions International Team Leader: Evelyn Eldridge -

    The main responsibility of this group is to keep world mission work at the forethought of our congregation! 

  • Outreach Team

    Outreach Team Team Leader: Kelly Smith –

    This group serves to provide the church with meaningful opportunities to connect the church and the greater Portland community. Providing leadership for our involvement in community outreach.

  • Teachers/ Substitutes

    Teachers/Substitutes Team Leader: Tammy Rush -

    Are you interested in helping lead a group? If so, which ones: Children Teacher Adult Teacher Youth Teacher Life Group Host or Leader

  • Young Adult Ministry

    Team Leader: Dan and Jane Headrick -

  • Van Ministry

    Team Leader: Karen & Jonathan Martinez -

    Help pick up those who otherwise couldn’t make it to our weekly events!

  • Youth Ministry

    Team Leader: Adrianna Holt : info@portlandnazarene. com

    Join a vibrant, life giving ministry as we seek to show middle and high school students who Jesus is and what he means for them!

  • Worship Team Team

    Email Aaron Cody at aaron@ portlandnazarene. com

    Calling all musicians—guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, drums, vocalists, etc—who are interested in helping lead our congregation through musical worship to God!

  • Discipleship Team

    Team Leader: Tammy Rush -

    This group helps provide structure and leadership for oversight of all of our discipleship and LIFE groups.